We understand that in order to take your career to the next level, you have to be motivated and proactive to grab the ladder of success. We can be that ladder.

Our goal is to understand where you are, where you want to go and the opportunities that will take you there.

Let’s advance your career.



The modern day approach of job boards and corporate red tape are proven to prevent strong talent from accessing good companies — and vice versa.  By leveraging our established relationships and knowledge of the company’s process, you can expect unique results that put you ahead of other candidates.


We provide a confidential working relationship to ensure we do not jeopardize your current situation.  In working with you to identify your next level, we’re conscious and efficient by narrowing in on your ideal position and most attractive companies in the market place.


We want to know you — even if you’re happily employed. Just as our clients use us, we can be your eyes and ears in the marketplace and keep you aware of your ‘Next Level’ position.  We can be the conduit to propel your career faster and more efficiently than trying to do it alone.


When it comes to your career, it helps to have an exterior perspective or a sounding board.  We offer career strategy/counseling, compensation/benefits analysis and resume writing tips.


"Wes is a highly skilled recruiter. I was looking to make a change after 16 years in lending to focus more on sales and Wes happened to call to see how things were going. After visiting for a couple of weeks, Wes presented me with a few great options that blended my lending background with a sales focus and a top-notch comp package. He's very professional and listens to clients’ needs and goals, then works hard to achieve those goals with just the right amount of communication and guidance. Top notch recruiter and will be the first call I make if I'm ever in need of change."

David S. - VP, Regional Banker, Commercial & Ag Lending


"Wes approached me about a job opportunity he thought I would be perfect for and as it turned out he was right!  I would not have found this opportunity without his services and most importantly this opportunity brought me closer to home, which meant more time to spend with my family. Wes always knows what his client needs are and incorporates that with career opportunities he presents to his potential candidate clientele, which keeps him one step ahead of his competition. I strongly recommend using Heartland Search Company for any future career move you might be planning in the financial industry.”

Mike H. - Commercial Portfolio Manager


"Wes contacted me regarding a career opportunity he thought would be a good fit for both me and the organization. After having several conversations with him, I decided to sit down with the potential company to see if he was right. Wes was spot on. My values and ideals were very much a match with the organizations. That is what I loved about working with Heartland Search Company – they don't just look to fill an opening and move on, they look find the right fit and to build lasting relationships with everyone involved. From our initial conversation to setting up interviews to offering help with the resignation process, Wes was there to offer suggestions and answer questions throughout the entire process. I really appreciated the fact that Wes took the time to get to know me. His professionalism, attitude, and hard work really made changing jobs easy. If you are an individual looking for a career change or are working for an organization looking to make some hiring moves, contact Heartland Search Company."

Dave R. - Regional Manager & Lending Officer


"After having beginning discussions with Wes we were able to establish the target area and position I was looking for. Wes was polite when making contact to present potential positions.  We came across a job close to the target area and position I was looking for, so Wes made the arrangements for a visit in order to learn more. It didn't turn out to be exactly what I was comfortable with, but Wes did a great job of keeping the lines of communication open. During this whole period my wife and I were about to have our first child. With understanding Wes did not pressure us during this time period knowing switching jobs wasn't my main focus. As a result of Wes keeping the lines of communication open, the same company wanted to meet again and discuss a different position in another market. Not only was Wes able to locate a job in my target market, he was also able to present me with an opportunity for a promotion and competitive compensation package!"

TW - VP, Commercial & Ag Lending Officer


“When I learned I would have to relocate from my position in Business Banking in Southwest Florida to St Louis, MO, I knew I would need the assistance of a recruiter. The economic environment was/is extremely challenging and I needed to land a Business Banking position in a market I had never worked in before. Wes and several other recruiters were recommended but very quickly I determined Wes was the only one I wanted working for me. He took my resume and enhanced the content and presentation. Then he set up four interviews and followed up with me after every interview and provided immediate feedback from every bank I met with. It was only due to his persistence and follow up was I able to obtain a position. Wes truly cares about the people he is representing and will go to great lengths to help someone.”

Karen B. - VP, Business Banking Officer


“I thought Heartland Search Company was very helpful in finding a new employer. I felt that I was at an advantage going into the interview since I had been recommended by someone that that the employer trusted to help them find qualified individuals. It was also great that I could consult with you on questions and concerns I had about changing employers. Overall I would say you made switching employers go very smoothly and I greatly appreciated your service.”

Jeff K. - Mechanical Engineer